The Gospel of Identity – $15
(Formerly known as ‘Such a Great Salvation.’ Revised with extra content.)
This is a book that elevates our conception of the unquestionable success of Jesus Christ’s finished work. It refocuses our attention on the radical concept of the perfectness of the new nature we have received, that is a full reflection of Jesus Christ and challenges us to live by faith what we are already by free gift. This book is a must for any serious believer, no matter what stage of maturity they may be at.
Where The Word Of A King Is There Is Power – $10
This book is a tool that will help bring you out of the passivity of being a victim and into actively possessing the promise of God for your life. It explores the essential principle of confession of the Word of God and the harnessing of your internal voice in reclaiming victory over every area of your life.

God Has Judged America: A Sane Look At Divine Retribution – $15

In this book Pastor Mike examines whether hurricanes or terrorist attacks are the hand of God in judgment or not, by looking at how satisfied God really is with the judgment he poured out on his Son in our place. If God is still mad at sin, as some say, how is that reconciled with God satisfying his wrath by pouring out upon Jesus the punishment for the sins of the whole world? If God judges the world for sin again, he will have to apologize to his Son for regarding his sacrifice for being an insufficient and unsatisfactory price to pay for all the world’s sin. A startling book that challenges the logic of some prevailing ideas of divine justice. A must read.
Complete Redemption – $20
Complete Redemption is a comprehensive look at the multiple aspects of the miracle of the new birth. It’s effects will be to build faith in God’s transforming power and define difficult terms in a simple and profound way to persuade and convince people of their new identity in Christ Jesus. It will define holiness as “wholeness.” It is a book dedicated to the gospel, “which is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.” You will be encouraged and challenged, no matter where you may find yourself in your Christian life-journey.