Our Vision:  Evangelize, Engage, Equip, Empower

We desire continued numerical growth, but our chief aim is not to see how numerically large a congregation we can build. We believe that small churches can do big things for God too. It is our conviction that smaller churches provide the greatest opportunities for people to be involved and to serve God and be connected with believers in a meaningful experience of fellowship and personal growth. Because of this conviction, our goal is not to see how many we can get into church, primarily, but how many we can send to plant new churches that will be vital expressions of the Life of God living in human bodies.


Every family has as its goal the maturing of its children to have and raise children of their own – just so the church also. We believe that Jesus’ commandment to make disciples, rather than mere converts, means that we must equip people to be actively involved in propagating the gospel. It is our goal to send out people trained within this congregation, to plant churches that will pursue the same vision of discipleship and church planting even while we continue that vision at home in this parent church.
As an active part of our goal of future church planting and discipleship, we encourage people to be actively involved in our Life Groups which are our primary form of pastoral care. In these groups you will be encouraged to participate in the encouragement and growth of others as you share your gifts and life with them and as you mature together as believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Recognizing that we need an even greater immersion in the truth than what Sunday’s alone can provide, beginning in October 2009, it is our goal to begin an annual, week long, Bible Conference at Living Hope Family Church. This will provide opportunity for a higher spiritual impact and acceleration in Christian maturity and equipping and preparation of believers for ministry. It is our aim that this conference will become our springboard for the planting of new churches.
We invite you to be a part of this great adventure for the Kingdom of God.

– Pastor Mike Petzer