Newcomers Welcome!

We want to extend to you a warm welcome. We have been expecting you! If you are new to Living Hope Family Church, or you have just reached the point in your life where you want to be involved and have Jesus as your life and not merely in your life, welcome!

The first step to being more involved at Living Hope Family Church is to complete the “Welcome To The Family” Bible study course. This will give you a good foundation for an effective and victorious Christian life. If you will learn and put these truths into practice, you will live life no longer as a victim, but as a victor over all the lies of the enemy.

Secondly, we encourage you to be involved with our Life Groups. Here you will be able to share and grow with other believers. Our Life Groups are also our primary form of pastoral care.

Thirdly, once you have completed the “Welcome To The Family” Bible study course, we encourage you to get involved in one of the many ministries at Living Hope Family Church. We need servants and not just volunteers. Servants are people willing to do whatever is needed to be done and not merely their perceived area of expertise. We especially encourage you to help in children's ministry. Our persuasion is that a good children's ministry is the best platform for our church's future health. Better a good fence at the top of the cliff of life than an excellent ambulance at the bottom. It is better to build children than to fix men.

Lastly, be friendly, make friends, invite people into your life with eagerness and openness, welcoming all newcomers into the Family that God has birthed us into through faith in Jesus Christ. Go out of your way to greet all new people, put your own shyness and natural awkwardness aside and minister to those who do not know anyone. As you do God will meet your need and bless you too.


Pastor Mike & Jane Petzer